trime travelling barry & lenny
... direct to 2947 ano domino in new new cleaveopolis on the floor not grinnin' with his headspinnininin goin' deninininah deninininah deninininah "lenny where's my kirby puckets? quick its raining buckets! these psycho birdheads look flummoxed with growling stomachs. its no big deal but i don't want to be a meal or go back home and deal with giant buffalo bills. i liked circle k free refills." then barry tried another tact. he drank a liter of cognac. cleared his throat and let out your momma jokes. "yo mom is so big she tripped over saturn and bumped her head in another galaxy! yo mom ain't true she's a fallacy! yo mom's hair so short she's rolls it in rice! yo mom ain't got no brain but she's always thinkin' twice!" lenny mumbled "dude, chef boy ardee glove hands!" to that the mutants let off some mountain crushing wails. barry and lenny felt bad but it was too late. "good things where disguises," barry thought with a moment of wisdom. "oh look cookie!" widsom vanished quicker than a pint of christmas ale when he saw a cookie. old age has made his a.d.d. worse. they hopped back in the time machine ever more rusty.